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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Fact: 85% of search engine users seldom view search results beyond the top 5 positions.

While we cannot guarantee* any particular result position within the major search engines, we employ techniques and strategies that have been proven to deliver results. These techniques are known as Search Engine Optimization.

*Note: Beware of websites and companies that promise to guarantee top search engine ranking. Many of these employ what is know as Black Hat Search Engine Optimizaton, techniques designed to fool the advanced algorithms of the major search engines with excessive keyword stuffing, cloaked pages, doorway pages, and other short-term techniques that once discovered will probably get your website BANNED from their index. We will never use these search engine optimization techniques on your website.

Search Engine Optimization Overview

We offer a variety of ethical search engine optimization services that in combination with one another will place your website within the sight of the market that you are targeting. Some of these search engine optimization services include:

Keyword Selection Research

We do more than just analyze the keywords that you are currently using to target your market, we search potentially productive keywords based on monthly search volume from Overture and Google to determine your website's potential market and traffic possibilities.

Directory Submissions

We submit a link to your website pages in relevant categories in Web Directories and niche search engines. This helps to increase traffic and website visibility while also increasing the number of backlinks to your website pages. Backlinks is a term that refers to websites that link to your website. Most of the major search engines (including Google, Yahoo & MSN) consider the number and quality of these backlinks when determining your search engine ranking for the chosen keyword.

Backlinking Strategies

Developing an effective backlinking strategy is much more than getting backlinks. For a backlink to provide a benefit to your website, it should be in the same niche as that of your website, not be purchased or rented,(Google has recently begun penalizing otherwise excellent, relevant websites for buying backlinks; thus artificially manipulating the search results.) and not acquired too quickly. Other factors are also considered before deciding to accept a link exchange (offer) from an external website.

The number and quality of backlinks pointing to your website should demonstrate "organic" or natural growth patterns.

Content Optimization

Oftentimes after thoroughly evaluating a website's content (text, images, navigational structure, markup language) we determine that certain basic requirements hadn't yet been adecuately fulfilled to the degree to allow for significant search engine traffic.

Once we make that determination, we can normally correct the problems and optimize the site's content by adjusting keyword densities, adding "attributes" to important elements, and by properly using the correct tags in the correct places.

KEY POINT: The majority of web design professionals are not skilled in search engine optimization.

Website Redesign(only when needed)

There are of course situations which require that the website be completely redesigned and restructured in order for the website to have a fair chance in being well-ranked. One example is when the original web design professional (either out of ignorance or lack of skill) commits too many errors in the markup language, causing parsing or execution errors.


Search Engine Optimization Services Keyword Research Directory Submissions Backlinking Strategies